You are fucking gorgeous.
Say it. Out loud. Good. Because you are. Really? Yes, you are dammit. You do not need to strive for unrealistic beauty ideals, live up to the latest social media fads, or make an impression on anyone. Whatever your age, skin color, or creed. To look good, you just need to be the happiest version of yourself.

No more BS.
When it comes to health and beauty, — and skin care especially — we live in times with plenty of false prophets and miracle cures. There’s everything from probiotics to bone marrow to a thousand-dollar serum from Brad Pitt out there, and who knows, it might work? Well, Skin At Work is both perfume-free and BS-free. We list all of our ingredients on the products, and you can search for them here. We will always try our darndest to create honest skin care with fewer, better products. The proof, as they say, should always be in the pudding. Or cream.

Less is more
Many people have a vast arsenal of beauty products. Creams, serums, toners, and elixirs, you name it. We aim to simplify things. To give you a steady skincare routine, with fewer, but better products packed with the best natural ingredients. Keeping things simple is the key. Less confusion. Less potential allergens. Less packaging. Less fancy roll-ons and scrub-offs. Fewer middle-men. That’s how less leads to more good stuff you can use every day.

If it works, it works.
Our skin care creams and recipes are based on the personal experiences and extensive research of 2nd generation dermatologist, Dr. Charles Kromman. Everything we do is created with natural ingredients, without animal testing, and perfume-free (although some ingredients can have a natural scent). Our philosophy is simple: If science says it works, we try it out in the lab and let the results speak for themselves.

Keep it natural
Natural means that we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, and use plant extracts, whenever we can. It means trying to limit allergens. This perhaps isn’t as simple as it may sound, as some very natural ingredients, like essential oils, also can cause skin irritation. We constantly look for the best botanicals, with good vitamins and powerful antioxidants that are good for both you and the planet.

Stop caring about genders
Let’s be honest, gender is a social construct. We are all individuals, with individual desires, dreams, and skin care needs. Both men and women can have sensitive skin. Or acne. Or need beauty sleep. Or just great day cream. In our humble-but-science-backed opinion, there are many more genders than two, and we strive to make skincare that does not focus on genders but on human needs.

Never stop trying new things (like CBD)
As doctors, there is always a careful balance between treating everyone with remedies we know work and constantly looking for new and better ways. Our first series of skin care products all have one main ingredient in common: CBD. Or Cannabidiol. The active ingredient in Hemp. It’s something we in the Nordics have been somewhat slow to implement in the health and beauty industry, at least compared to our friends in America and Asia. But the science is in, the positive effects of CBD as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant are well documented. You can read our thoughts on CBD here.

Never stop questioning.
Sure, Einstein said that. But he was a bright fella. At Skin At Work we will never stop questioning if we can do better. If we can improve our recipes. Find better ingredients. Lessen the chances of allergic reactions. Better the packaging. Or the delivery. Or our impact on the planet. Because the simple answer is always the same. We can always do better. And so we continue to question, raise our own bar, and look for what’s next.

Keep it stupid simple
Skin care comes down to a few basic principles. Wanna look your best? Eat healthily, exercise regularly, keep hydrated, stay out of the sun, moisturize daily, laugh a lot and get your f… sleep.. Then you’re off to the races.

In one word.