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CBD powered skin care. Cruelty free, gender free and BS free. Developed by dermatologist Charles Kromann, MD, and made in Denmark

Skin At Work

Skin At Work was founded by Dr. Charles Kromann, son of prominent Danish dermatologist, Niels Kromann. Charles grew up surrounded by a world of skincare, as his childhood home was also his father's dermatology clinic. While it wasn’t given that Charles would follow in his father's footsteps, few were surprised when he did. 

Charles Kromann finished medical school in record time and quickly established his skin care clinic, Roskilde Dermatological Clinic. With hundreds of patients coming through the doors every day, and skin care issues ranging from life-threatening to everyday rashes, Charles quickly realized that there was a need for a science-based brand. One he could recommend to his patients, men and women, for everyday use. An affordable brand using only the best, most effective, ingredients.

Using everything from his father's handwritten notes, to the latest American research on the powerful effects of cannabidiols, Dr. Charles Kromann began the slow process of handcrafting recipes. He often referred to his lotions as “hard working creams''. Creams, packed with healthy, natural ingredients and years of dermatological experience for effectiveness and minimal allergic response. 

The result, “Skin At Work” by dermatologist Dr. Charles Kromann is a series of CBD-powered skin care. With no perfume. No animal cruelty. No genders. No BS. Just creams that work a lot damn harder than the rest. 

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